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Olivia Healy

Graphic Design & Photography

My Skills

brand identity

The brand of a company or organization is often one of the first things people recognize. It is important to showcase your brand with respect and clarity.


Typography communicates your voice, just as much as words do. It is very important when choosing a typeface to understand how and why it was made.


Photography is a way to capture and reflect on a moment, that has now been frozen in time. I love portrait photography and learning about the stories of those who I am photographing.

print design

One of my favorite types of design. I love the process from prototypes, to final prints. I enjoy learning about different folds, papers and how everything comes together.

human centered design

Understanding the purpose of the website, and how others are using it gives you an opportunity to guide the user to their intended location.

web design

Primarily I am strongest at creating web content through wordpress. I have learned code, and can understand how to use it. Also I can create mock-ups through Adobe XD.

Award Winning Photography

Notion Nation

Notion Nation is a web based social media platform that enable students to create and share content about their experience abroad. This online platform serves as a communication channel for travelers, students and the community at large to connect and interact with the world. The words, thoughts and photographs shared on Notion Nation will give a new voice to the countries and cultures that many people cannot experience.

Branding from start to finish.

At rooted we celebrate flowers at all states, weather they’re just a seed starting out, or as they are dried up and no longer living, at rooted they still have a use. Pure, colorful and organic, just the way nature intended. Everything we do is carefully thought out to never be wasteful. We use as little water as possible, and because we use all natural products, there is no pollution. We leave nature as it was intended to be and we help give dying flowers a new purpose through your clothing. It’s not the easiest or cheapest way, but we believe it’s the best way.
With every item dyed through a natural process, it creates a unique product that is one of a kind. In nature you will never find something completely identical, everything is grown the same, but they all have there own characters and personality. Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. And quit comparing yourself to others, because it is those differences that make you unique.

There is nobody else like you, and there is no better way to express it than a product made just for you, handmade with love.

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